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Talt Tales and Magical Misadventures





Talt Tales and Magical Misadventures

Mythical Monsters, Magic and Mysteries, a Maniacal Monarch, Spirits, Ghastly Games with Fabulous Names, Pumpkins, and… Exploding Frogs?

From reimagined fairy tales, to traditional fantasy tales of redemption, to ridiculous parody fun, this short story collection features a decade’s worth of published fiction set in the kingdom of Ratrilpot. Relive the mayhem of Mother Knows Best, the silly spectacle of Survival Idols, and the triumph of Talt Tales: The Hunt for Closure. Or embark on new adventures featuring Tristan Talt, Grandma Goodwitch, and Lavender Pie that are exclusive to this collection. For Ratrilpot fans new and old, there’s something Magical* inside for everyone.**

(* Not actual magic. That costs extra.)

(** Everyone who buys the collection, or borrows it from a library, or acquires it in some other legal way that does not infringe upon the author’s rights. It’s not like anyone could really give the book away to EVERYONE; do you know how many people there are in the world?)