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Because the publication dates of Ratrilpot fiction do not always coincide with the chronology of the world (and because John C. Dupré's imagination travels back and forth in time when he's writing new work), this page details when the various stories take place in the Ratrilpot timeline. Other notable events are listed as appropriate.


Birth of Byron Elroy.


Birth of Princess Eilloena.


Death of Ratrilpot's King, resulting in the start of The Queen's reign.


Events of When the Curtain Falls.


Birth of Lavender Pie.


Events of A Matter of Taste.


Events of A Shade of Guilt.


Events of Talt Tales: The Trouble With Tricks.
Events of Toasting the Groom.


Events of The Fourth Kiss.
Events of Eaten Out of House and Home.
Events of Talt Tales: A Helping of Gravytas.
Events of Beastly Behavior.
Events of Mother Knows Best.
Events of The Monster and the Ward.
Events of Severance.


Events of Talt Tales: Crying Wolf.
Events of A Mother of a Mess.
Events of Hard to Swallow.
Events of A Time to Croak.
Events of Preying for Help.
Events of If the Shoe Fits.
Events of Talt Tales: The Hunt for Closure.
Events of The Midnight Ride of Polly Revere.
Events of A Girl's Best Friend.


Events of Talt Tales: Spirits That Don't Go Down Easily.
Events of The Perils of Wishful Thinking.
Events of Survival Idols.