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The Ratrilpot Calendar

Though the observation of certain days and feasts may differ slightly based on race, the following describes the basics of the Ratrilpot calendar.

Months of the Year

The Ratrilpot year revolves around the four seasons, with each of the twelve months corresponding to the beginning, middle, and end phases of a season.

The "start" month, such as Springstart, is a four week month. The "bulk" month, such as Springsbulk, is a five week month. And the "end" month, such as Springsend, is a four week month.

The year starts with Springstart 1 and ends with Wintersend 28.

Days of the Week

There are seven days to the Ratrilpot week:

Worksday (the first day of the week, often used to schedule major business involving the crown or the nobility).
Godsday (typically a day of rest, and devotion to Annūté).

Feast Days / Holidays / Celebrations

Many of the feast days in Ratrilpot are focused around the seasons, and thus are easily marked on the Ratrilpot calendar. Customs and celebrations differ based on province.

For instance, in Dilbenshire the Harvest Ball is held at the Elroy Manor mid-Fallsbulk to celebrate the harvest season. All of the Dilbenshire province is invited to dine together and shared a steaming mug of mulled mead. Whereas in Hoodlum's Hollow, the Goodbane family throws a Fallsbulk Harvest Feast for only those unsavory characters that are in favor at the time.

Other notable events include the Fallstart Faire, a multi-province event sponsored by the Queen and the LongNight holiday (Winterstart 1) that takes place on the longest night of the year. Wedding ceremonies are often held in the afternoon on LongNight, so that the happy couple can enjoy the longest night of the year together once the sun sets.

Trivia: The short story, The Midnight Ride of Polly Revere takes place during the Harvest Ball in Dilbenshire.