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Killing Time at the Lingerroot Inn


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Killing Time at the Lingerroot Inn

When a car accident in the New England woods forces Eric Williams to take shelter at the foreboding Lingerroot Inn, he worries his business trip is a bust. But the moment he crosses the hotel’s threshold, his job becomes the least of his troubles.

The Lingerroot Inn is impossible.

And if it weren’t for the repeated attempts on his life and his compounding injuries, Eric would have sworn he died in that crash and had moved on to some fantasy world. But real or not, Eric needs to figure out what’s going on there. And fast.

For it’s not only his budding romance with the hunky bartender—and his own life—that are danger, but everyone else trapped at the Lingerroot Inn as well.


About Writing the Novel

I’ve often heard that you should write the book you want to read. So when I set out to write this novel, I had two goals in mind:

  • To write a spooky fairy tale adventure mystery with a gay protagonist.
  • To have as much fun writing the story as possible.

As I started writing, I realized that it had to be set in New England because that’s where I grew up--and I’m kind of fond of the area--and Autumn was the perfect time of year to set the story, as it’s hard not to think of New England without thinking of the Fall foliage. A desire to make the story “spooky” had me settling on Halloween and a big creepy hotel in the woods. From there, the novel took on a life of its own, with random elements from my younger days (such as the video for Michael Jackson’s Thriller and my visit to see Phantom of the Opera at the Wang Theatre) inspiring different scenes and “set pieces” within the insane, impossible, hotel.

After several years of hard work, the tale has turned out even better than I imagined. My hope is that my readers will enjoy the break from reality as much as I enjoyed writing it.