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Major Characters

Byron Elroy

Eighth son of Lord Elroy of Dilbenshire, the handsome and mischievous Byron is hardly in line for his father's estate. But that's probably for the best anyway. Byron's a bit too much of free spirit for the intricacies of Ratrilpot politics. He'd much rather be flirting with pretty lasses, having some fun, or basking in the sun on a lazy afternoon. Unfortunately for Byron, his father had other ideas about how his son should have been spending his time, so he signed Byron up for the Ratrilpot royal guard.

As could be expected, Byron's had a bit of a hard time adjusting at first; thus getting caught up in a series of misadventures that would have cost him his head, if the Queen didn't have an arrangement with his father, and he wasn't such a dear friend of Princess Eilloena. Still, Byron is a caring soul deep down and tries his best to do the right thing. And in a kingdom where the Queen would just as soon torture you as speak to you; that's certainly a trait to be applauded.

Fiction featuring Byron:
A Girl's Best Friend - May 2012
Beastly Behavior - Sept 2016
Hard to Swallow - Sept 2016


The royal magus of Ratrilpot is very much a mystery, even to the magi he's tutored over the years. When it comes to knowledge, wisdom, and power, it seems like there isn't a mortal alive who could surpasss him. And yet, despite that, he puts up with the Queen's endless demands and allows her to control the kingdom through fear and violence.

Has his obvious concern for the princess Eilloena, who he's helped mentor over the years, made him soft? Does the Queen hold some secret weapon that bends his will to her own? Or is there something he knows that no one else does... something that will only be revealed when the time is right?

Fiction featuring Drendyn:
If the Shoe Fits - Sept 2011
A Girl's Best Friend - May 2012
When the Curtain Falls - March 2013


Princess Eilloena is the polar opposite of the vain, violent, and vindictive monarch that rules the kingdom of Ratrilpot. She's more round than svelte; her heart is as big as a dragon's backside; and she tries to do the right thing, even if it means putting someone else's needs above her own.

And with the Queen seeming to despise Eilloena, it's no wonder then that her life has been one of conflict and adventure. Secrets, lies, monsters, war... it's all been part of the growing up process. Thankfully, Drendyn has been there to help keep her grounded and provide her with guidance. The question remains though... has she been prepared enough for what destiny (and the Queen) have in store for her?

Fiction featuring Eilloena:
A Girl's Best Friend - May 2012
The Perils of Wishful Thinking - Sept 2016

Grandma Goodwitch

Eleanor Goodich--Grandma Goodwitch to the locals of Dilbenshire--lives in a little cottage deep in the heart of Fawnwick Forest, practicing the arts of healing and life preservation. And although she tends to be the one most of the local folk turn to for help, it's often suprising what forms that help will take.

Fiction featuring Grandma Goodwitch:
Eaten Out of House and Home - Oct 2006
Preying for Help - May 2011
Beastly Behavior - Sept 2016
A Mother of a Mess - Sept 2016


The Prince of Stillwell, Kendall is a young man who's stolen the heart of the princess Eilloena. The only question is whether he really wants it. From a looks standpoint he's quite the prince charming. He's also quite witty and quick thinking, which is helpful when you're constantly trying to avoid getting killed.

Fiction featuring Prince Kendall:
Survival Idols - Aug 2012 

Lavender Pie

Lavender Pie is not a witch, a sorceress, a member of the royal family, or a warrior. She isn't wealthy; nor does she walk in circles of nobility. She isn't an immortal. She isn't a deity. She isn't even all that tall. In fact, Lavender Pie is just a little girl. Of course, that doesn't mean she's ordinary. Just ask the dragon who made the mistake of swallowing her mother.

That's not to say that Lavender is a troubled child. She's just a free spirited soul that likes adventure and doesn't fear very much. And in a kingdom where things to be afraid of include just about every sort of beast imaginable, that generally leads to lots of learning experiences... for Lavender and the creatures she comes in contact with.

Fiction featuring Lavender Pie:
Mother Knows Best - April 2005
A Time to Croak - Aug 2006
Hard to Swallow - Sept 2016

The Queen

Take equal parts of beauty, villainy, vanity, violence, and self-delusion, and you have Ratrilpot's Queen, a woman who'll have you executed for not curtseying the right way. The Queen's favorite pastimes include torturing "criminals", changing her outfit, looking in the mirror, and tormenting her daughter.

As for her past, those who know of it are either long since dead or doing a good job of keeping her from finding out that they know of it.

Fiction featuring Ratrilpot's Queen:
A Time to Croak - Aug 2006
A Girl's Best Friend - May 2012
Survival Idols - Aug 2012
Severence - June 2013
Talt Tales: A Helping of Gravytas - Sept 2016
A Mother of a Mess - Sept 2016
Hard to Swallow - Sept 2016
The Perils of Wishful Thinking - Sept 2016

Tristan Talt

Co-owner of the renowed Talt Ale Tavern with his sister, Tabitha, Tristan Talt is more likely to be found in the kitchen than out hunting game for their mouth watering stews. Which isn't to say that his aim or skill isn't legendary, just that he prefers not to use it to take life.

His interest in men only helps to add to his reputation of being unlike the other folks in Dilbenshire; but his warmth, his heart, and his culinary talents keeps their patrons coming back for more.

Fiction featuring Tristan:
Talt Tales: The Hunt for Closure - July 2014
Talt Tales: The Trouble With Tricks - Sept 2016
Talt Tales: A Helping of Gravytas - Sept 2016
Talt Tales: Crying Wolf - Sept 2016
Talt Tales: Spirits That Don't Go Down Easily - Sept 2016